Croatia Denies Nuclear Plant Contract

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Croatia's Ministry of Economy has denied reports which the country would join with Albania to construct a nuclear power plant, media sources reported. According to media sources, a contract on the deal would be signed by the end of April 2009. Mazal said that at the end of March 2009, Deputy Croatian Prime Minister Damir Polancec was on an official visit to Albania when possible cooperation on constructing a nuclear plant in the country was discussed.

"This ministry, and the Croatian government, never released any information that a contract for the construction of a nuclear plant would be signed by the end of April," a statement said, signed by the ministry's adviser and spokesman Tomislav Mazal.

"Incorrect and incomplete information in some Croatian, but also regional media, said that Croatia and Albania would sign a contract on the construction of the plant," Mazal said.

Mazal said that "experts can confirm that this would not be possible, since such projects are negotiated and planned for years".

Mazal said that the Albania and Croatia agreed to sign a memorandum of understanding by the end of April 2009, and form a joint working group which would produce expert analysis to serve as a basis for future decisions on the project.

According to a statement, it was also stressed that both countries see the project as having regional importance.

Mazal has denied that his ministry ever released any information which the plant would be built or that it would cost EUR4 billion.

"This is simply media speculation that cannot be backed up with a single document," the statement concludes.

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