Units 5-6 of NPP Kozlodui Among the World's Best

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Blaga Bangieva (News.bg, 30.11.2007) - The modernization of units 5 and 6 of nuclear power plant Kozlodui costs 491 million EUR, stated Ivan Genov, executive director of the association on a meeting in Kozlodui by the occasion of the 20th anniversary of unit 5.

For this period of time the unit had produced 90 kW/h of electricity.

Its project use term is 40 years. Director Genov expressed ambition this term could be increased to a minimum of 60 years, which means another 40 years functioning for the unit.

After the modernization, the units 5 and 6 are among the best working nuclear units in the world.

Ivan Genov added that despite the inexplicable decision for stopping units 1 and 4, the 5th and 6th will continue to be the biggest on the Balkans and will keep on producing the most pure electricity in the region.

Genov explained that the work safety of the reactors is on very high level, thanks not only to the technical modernization, but also to the staff's professionalism.

The two units had produced a total of 14 billion kW of electricity for 2007.

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