Klaus criticises Gore, environmentalists

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Prague, Nov 9 (CTK) - Czech President Vaclav Klaus again sharply criticised former U.S. vice-president Al Gore and other "environmental dictators" in an interview for the dpa German news agency Friday, on the occasion of the upcoming edition of his book "Blue, Not Green Planet" in German.

Klaus also criticised the German government's decision to gradually abandon nuclear energy.

"The situation has been more dramatised by awarding Nobel Peace prize to Al Gore...The climate propaganda has thereby become an official world doctrine. On the other hand, this decoration has made many people shake their heads in disbelief and start asking themselves questions," Klaus told dpa.

His latest book challenging the climate change theory will be published in Carl Gerold's Sohn publisher's in Vienna under the title: "Blue Planet in Green Ties."

Asked about his stance on environmentalism, Klaus said "a reasonable behaviour towards the environment is part of the natural human behaviour," but that "environmental protection" is another thing.

"My polemic is not aimed against a reasonable environmental protection, but against something that can be labelled 'eco-dictatorship.' This is a behaviour that places environmental issues in the centre of human thinking and makes them a ruling principle for the humankind. Such people are my enemies," Klaus said.

He added that the environment can be discussed, but one should above all serve as a positive example to others, and "not like Mr Gore with his monstrous house consuming a lot of electricity."

"The German government's decision to withdraw from nuclear power was definitely a mistake," Klaus also said.

"Nuclear energy is much better than all other energy sources. The belief in alternative energy sources is irrational. The new windmills are really tragic in my opinion. This is no solution," Klaus said.

He agreed that he really feels to be "a modern Don Quixote fighting with windmills," and that he considers this comparison a compliment.

"When I see the arrogance of people like Al Gore, I must simply do something against it," Klaus added.

"The false and unfair propaganda of the self-constituted high priest of climate [Gore] reminds me of the communist era. Then some people also tried to impose one and only official truth on the others. I can see the same threats to human freedom in the current climate debate, and I feel I must raise my voice against it," Klaus claims.

He recalls that environmental ideology emerged in the 19th century, "but only at the turn of the 1960s and 1970s people who stood up against freedom, free market and democracy appeared in the USA and in western Europe.

He admitted he is able to take all new facts on warming and cooling of the Earth into consideration, as any academically thinking person, but that he has a different stance on the interpretation of these facts and he can see nothing that could change his opinion.

"I simply do not believe that some wise selected man knows the way of the world better than millions of people," Klaus said in an interview for dpa.

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