For sale: Scots atomic pride

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Back in 2002, British Energy, the largest power generator in the UK, hosted a Burns Night dinner. Appropriately for a company fiercely proud of its Scottish roots, it was held at the historic Caledonian Club close to Hyde Park Corner in London. Its then chief executive, Robin Jeffrey, wore a kilt, as did many other employees, along with supportive Scottish politicians who attended. In keeping with tradition, diners stood to attention as the cook, accompanied by a bagpiper, brought in the haggis on a large dish. Jeffrey, himself a Scotsman, led the toasts, even reciting a witty ditty - witty to the audience, anyway - asking the government for a larger subsidy.

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Scots vote reinforces anti-nuclear position

Friday, January 18, 2008

18 January 2008

Members of the Scottish Parliament yesterday voted against new nuclear plants, reinforcing the stated anti-nuclear position of the SNP government.

Some 63 members voted in favour of the anti-nuclear motion, 58 were against and there were two abstentions.

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