"Nuclear plant idea was Serbian"

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

BELGRADE -- Russian Ambassador Aleksandr Konuzin has confirmed that Russia offered to build a nuclear power plant in Serbia.

But the idea, he said during his visit to Zrenjanin in the north of the country, came from the Serbian side.

"The Serb side at one point realized that there may be the need to build a nuclear plant, and informed us about those plans. We said were ready to, together with the Serb side, study the realization of such a project, but there is no concrete project thus far," Belgrade daily Blic quoted the ambassador as saying.

"You have probably noticed that a large number of our projects is tied to the energy sector to some degree. Firstly, there's energy shipments. Then, the gas you use is Russian, and so is the oil," Konuzin continued.

Besides, he reminded, Serbia and Russia cooperate in the hydro energy sector.

"We built the largest hydro power plant in Serbia, Đerdap 1, and now we are engaged in modernizing it. There are already plans to modernize others, but also to build new hydro plants," Konuzin stated.

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