Train car will be unloaded, radiation source – buried

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Sofia. ‘This is not a rare case, we have such cases once every month’, the Chairman of the Nuclear Regulatory Agency Sergey Tsochev said in an interview for FOCUS News Agency.

There are such problems around the world and they are caused by having a radiation source inside metal scrap.

Tsochev said that the procedure for dealing with the problem was standard: unloading the train car, finding the source and burying it.

Nova Makedonija: Radioactive iron from Bulgaria was sent to Macedonia by mistake

3 November 2008 | 13:03 | FOCUS News Agency

Skopje. The train with radioactive iron from Bulgaria was sent to Macedonian MAKSteel Company by mistake, Macedonian Nova Makedonija newspaper reports.

Company’s press center points that they haven’t had problems with Bulgarian company Sholls that had send the iron. The train that had traveled to Macedonia was stopped on Wednesday at Bulgarian-Serbian border in the town of Dimitrovgrad. Customs officers found radioactivity, which was 3 000 times higher than the admissible one, the edition reports, citing the announcement of Nove Georgievski from MAKSteel who pointed that it is a mistake and that the iron was sent on purpose.

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